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Pragmatic development, honor witness. Shenzhen Jin'an technology in the road of technological innovation with great concentration, adhere to professional, never stop, with more than 30 patents for inventions, utility model patents, software copyright and other original core independent intellectual property rights, leading technology domestic counterparts, some technology The international security industry advanced level. In addition, Jin also has more than 20 appearance patents and more than 50 international quality testing certification.
In the family security system, Jin's patented technology mainly around the WIFI network technology and traditional GSM anti-theft alarm technology applications, mobile terminal APP application technology and Internet of things technology innovation; in the cloud server, Jin's patent technology mainly around Built a cloud server to build, the background server for a large number of logical processing, through cloud computing to achieve large data analysis in order to achieve O2O intelligent community cloud service platform; in the fingerprint lock, Jin's patented technology around the cloud smart door locks and mobile phones End APP connection, real-time view of the door lock state, in the WIFI network environment, through the APP on the lock to set a temporary password, according to the phone received SMS password unlock.
Jin'an technology to cloud technology data management, intelligent home security platform as the carrier, mobile phone real-time operation, Unicom whole house intelligence, the establishment of intelligent life ecosystem, intelligent home field to achieve technological innovation.

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