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Shenzhen Jinan Technology Co., Ltd. as a leading supplier of intelligent security solutions, focus on the wisdom of family security, continuous sound operation, adhere to self-innovation, open cooperation in the enterprise, terminal and cloud computing and other fields To build a bridge between the end and the end, which has the advantage of a unique solution for the project business, enterprise customers and consumers to provide satisfactory solutions, products and services, and is committed to the future information society to achieve intelligent security comprehensive The

The electronic data age has brought disruptive reforms and opportunities for the global business. Jinan Technology responds to these reforms and opportunities through advanced R & D technology, competitive products and continuous innovation. In the brutal competition in the market, because of continuous innovation and change, pragmatic progressive, and constantly adjust the development of strategic principles, making the security of science and technology in the development of intelligent products in the wave of more courageous.

The size of the situation, in this era of popular Internet of large data, a single security products, and can not be recognized by the vast number of consumers. Through the continuous integration with the relevant industry resources, such as intelligent fingerprint lock, intelligent lights, smart Bluetooth doorbell, etc., Jinan technology has developed into a company with the characteristics of the "fingerprint lock industry", "network property management system" "wisdom family Industry "," burglar alarm industry "," electronic doorbell industry "," detectors and accessories industry. " From the initial traditional GSM alarm to the current WIFI alarm, intelligent wifi home security system, intelligent cloud community networking system, each product is Jinan technology to consumers's intentions of the feedback.

Innovative products, optimization services. Any one of the development of enterprises are inseparable from the user's recognition, and constantly optimize the quality of products and services to the user's greatest satisfaction is the purpose of Jin'an technology services. On the innovation, Jinan technology has been humbly learning, painstaking research with.

Jin'an technology uphold the people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence in the concept to build the domestic "smart security," the first brand as the goal, in the spirit of continuous innovation under the guidance of continuous progress, enhance the company's technological advantages. Over the past few years, Jinan technology has made some achievements, but never uneasy about the status quo, continue to carefully put forward, profound knowledge.

Jinan Technology is eager to work with partners to achieve greater growth, we believe that open, cooperative and win-win situation.
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