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2017 years of wisdom family security industry development status

Smart home security products as the smart home industry in the core, the most popular, the most practical products, from 2014 to 2016, the annual market sales are significant growth, home control systems, intelligent fingerprint lock and other wisdom Home security products sales exceeded 300 billion yuan, accounting for the smart home market share of more than 50%, according to the international management consulting firm Kearney latest research report pointed out that China will be by 2020 to become Asia's largest smart home market.

     At present, with the continuous development of intelligent technology, intelligent home security products, the cost is also greatly reduced, 100 square or so of the house only need three or five thousand dollars can guarantee the safety of home under the premise of enjoying the wisdom of life. With the wisdom of home security products and equipment prices decline, intelligent home security system has gradually entered the tens of thousands of households, embarked on a high growth path.

     In this era of large data can be analyzed, the wisdom of the family is one of the main trends in the future, but with the wisdom of the city's construction, the wisdom of the community has become the core of the strategy, so now the smart home industry in order to better meet the customer's Demand, from the previous product-centric profit model, slowly transformed into a service-centric.

     International smart home security brand "Jane Shu", has been focused on the smart home, intelligent security field, to create a set of users experience a good family of smart home security system, in order to meet consumer demand, help users faster, more Good handling of police intelligence, to create a smart family security community, has developed a relatively complete property cloud service management alarm center platform, regardless of which family within the community appeared police intelligence, residential property management center can be the first time to receive To the police situation, and master the police address of the detailed information, immediately police to help residents solve the problem, at the same time, the district within the various activities or water and electricity coal fee notice, can be directly through the property management center platform directly to each owner's Mobile phones, eliminating the need for traditional paper notification, at the same time, also save the cost of these notice of the notice, very environmentally friendly, indirect property management company for the second income, detailed features please see "property cloud service management Alarm Center Platform ".

     In this is about to usher in the market size of the smart home industry, Jane Shu intelligent security through continuous exploration, has done a good job to deal with the smart home industry outbreak of the preparation, very much looking forward to working with you smart home industry participants Peer, welcome to the industry before the negotiations.
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