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Thousands of intelligent city market wisdom and security will account for the majority of market share

Since the introduction of the "wisdom of the earth" concept in 2008, the "smart city" has been popular in various countries, and our country in the media and domestic entrepreneurs under the strong publicity, from 2009 onwards, China and gradually began the construction of the wisdom of the city , The current wisdom of our city has been up to 400 or so, this year is expected to have 500, has become an important measure to build a well-off society. However, in the wisdom of the city behind the construction of hot, people gradually began to realize the importance of safety, along with the wisdom of security is building.

    As one of the core strategies of the wisdom of the city market, it has occupied most of the market share, so some of the intelligence should be based on security as a prerequisite, so many intelligent home enterprises are linked to the wisdom of security enterprises, co-operation Attack, at the same time, intelligent security system also because of the integration of more things and become more intelligent, such as smart security business began to community information to provide the overall solution and intelligent home direction to expand.

    Which is "Jane Shu intelligent security", Jane Shu intelligent security has been focused on smart home, intelligent security field, set research and development, production and sales as one of the hi-tech enterprises, strong technical force, due to market demand, as well as the wisdom of the community Construction, at present, the wisdom of the security industry has been hardware products as the center of the profit model, slowly transformed into a service-centric. Therefore, Jane Shu wisdom and security has also developed a community network alarm center platform system to Jane Shu wisdom family security system as a basic unit, based on the Internet to achieve comprehensive community management and services, users can use Jane Shu smart home security system Remote control of home appliances, remote view of family status, remote unlock, etc., when users occur at home when the police situation, the user and the property management office will also receive Jane Shun wisdom home security system pushed over the alarm information and telephone, property management office community Network alarm center platform system will pop up a few buildings a few months what is the police situation, after receiving the police intelligence, you can immediately police to deal with police intelligence, improve community security, improve the community living environment, enhance the owners of happiness, at the same time, the property can Through the self-built or with Jane Shu together to create community surrounding shops O2O services, community surrounding business district integration to Jane Shu community networking alarm center platform for the owners to provide convenient life information services, but also for the property company to create the second Income, detailed network alarm center platform system can view the "property cloud service management alarm center platform"

    At present, the global wisdom of the city market size of 622 billion US dollars (about 4306.4 million yuan), increased to 2019 is expected to more than 1 trillion US dollars (about 6,923.5 billion yuan), by 2026 will be further increased to 3.48 trillion US dollars (about 240.938 billion yuan), in this huge market size, the wisdom of security accounted for most of the market share, and Jane Shu intelligent security as a smart security industry in the representative of one of the enterprises, has a very mature and sound security Products, is simply Shu-smart security for the global investment agency, together to develop this trillion security and security market for a better future.
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