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GS-S2G RFID GSM alarm system

GSM home alarm system with APP application software
1.touchpad GSM alarm panel with words menu
2. Android+IOS APP control smart alarm
3.support 5 groups alarm call/SMS numbers
4. 30 wireless zones, 4 wired zones.
5.RFID function for house care or kids usage ,it’s convenient for them to disarm host without password.
6.work with smart socket to control lights or some small home appliances, smart socket can be controlled by SMS or APP. 
7.smart zone function:when user arm the system, alarm host will check whether door/window are closed, if not closed, LCD display will remind user which door is open, and user can arm the system successfully until all doors/windowsare closed.
8.Doorbell feature.
9.Alarm sensor low voltage SMS alert function.
10.Extra SMS phone number for system's status.
11.Advanced zone attribute, user-friendly zone names.
12.Support user code andadmistration code
13.100 alarm log, alarm delay & arm delay functions
14.factory reset
15.Built-in siren, Built-in speaker and Microphone
16.Remote two-way intercom
17.SMS alert: Arm/Disarmed host, sensor's low battery, AC power failure.
18.Backup rechargeable battery, last more than 8 hours
19.Work with IP camera

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